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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rhym Campaign Setting released

For those of you who have been following this blog, you know that I have been working with JD Conrad at putting the finishing touches to Rhym. Well the wait is FINALLY OVER!

I can finally announce that the Rhym Campaign setting for 5th Edition is finally released! This new setting presents new twists on familiar tropes in a setting that is consistent yet open, simple yet complex, and familiar yet different.

Consistent Rhym is a land of history where empire rose and fell over the course of its long history. Empires are expansive through either mercantile, military, or servile means, while others are being invaded or strong enough to keep to themselves.

Open Rhym was designed to provide you with enough information to capture the spirit of our thought, yet allow you to leave your own mark upon the world. Rhym needs heroes and adventurers to change it. For better or worse is up to you.

Familiar Humans form the largest concentrated population and the core of the cultures of Rhym. The core races (dwarves, elves, orcs, goblins, etc) are all present on Rhym. There is a pantheon of gods representing simple concepts of the world.

Different Two rings (the Bridge of Heaven and the River of Stars) that dominate the sky day and night, bathing the land in a soft glow day and night. Known races are given interesting twist: the mountain dwarves of Kadin-kar are ostracized, outcast and besieged, the elves of Mythrym segregate themselve from lesser races, the drow dominate the realms below, the Deep Realms guided by a divine prophetess, the half-breed of Zhakur serve as mercenaries.

Simple The dragons used to control the world until their empire was overthrown, their empire is now but a shell of what it was as their former slaves rose against them and established kingdoms

Complex Although at first Rhym is simple, once you scratch the surface, the interactions between nations are steeped in history and filled with layers of nuances.

A large portion of the book presents the setting itself: its nations, its people, its organizations, its languages, its religions, filling with adventure and campaign ideas.

This book includes a brand new race: the Darkling. Darklings are half-demonic offspring of drow with fiendish or undead creatures. One of our iconic characters, Nightshade, is of that race and I had a lot of fun running him.

It also includes a number of new options for your class, such as new archetypes, new backgrounds, new feats, and new spells.

You can find the book at either: DriveThruRPG or RPGnow. If you get it now, you will benefit from FOE's 40% off sale!

If you prefer a physical book, well they too are available! You can get them from your choice of Amazon or CreateSpace

Also, for those of you who want to know, YES, Rhym material will be available in the Legacies Organized Play campaign.

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