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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Amazon for 5e

Well after a few days and some angst on my end about the rules I had feeling "wonky" and not exciting. The flavor and background was already defined and released with the Pathfinder version which I released earlier this week.

I went back and forth on a few different elements: grant advantage on this or that. But nothing really clicked, it simply felt flat. I just could not see what was needed. You know, the forest for the trees. So I asked my panel of experts (Thanks Loren) and he provided the tightening and perspective I needed to make them exciting for 5e in a way the Pathfinder version added something unique.

So without any more ceremony, this book is now ready to add a new dimension to your 5e campaign. In time for the May big sale!

It is now available on DriveThru RPG or RPGNow

1 comment:

  1. Grabbed this one too.
    I think I like the Pathfinder version a little bit more. It has more style I think. Both are a lot of fun.

    Will you consider doing an OSR version?