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Friday, May 12, 2017

[ArcadiaQuest] The Dread King

As this is "Friday of the dead" this dude is perfect! Coming to the end of Will's collection of ArcadiaQuest models... This guy is the Dread King, a massive, hulking beast of a monster. I did a few unique touches on this guy.

First off, the "skin" is a darker shade of sickly putrid green, the result is a surprising odd-tone.

Next, the eyes... The character card had him with dark red eyes with glowing red pupils. I tried a few times to get it right, but the contrast of colors did not pop... so I gave him a very light shade of grey/blue and then he started looking at me. I mean it was creepy. I finished the detailing with him looking and judging me.

Another element was the nails. Here I tried a few things, the guide had them white but doing so would not work. After a few tries, I did something strange: I left them as is and planned to return to them later.

The teeth I painted bright white, enhancing the skull appearance of the face.

Next, I got into the sword. Basic silver-metal work. Then the sword plate I put it gold. The three rivets called to me, so I made them red, the same red as the pupils. That done, I extended the "eyes" down, forming a face of sort. From that moment on, the sword looked odd and dark. I could see in his eyes that this creep approved of the creepiness.

The blade itself had two-tones, with a big central area. I gave it a few wet brushing of the interior with a red and metal with successive colors having more red than metal. As I looked on, I got a second idea... have blood dripping from this central zone onto the ground. The effect is pretty effective, especially the small piece that "overflows" on the side of the base.

By now, the model was done. It was time to return to what I had neglected... the nails (see? see what I did there?) By then an evening had gone by and I came back to the model to finish the job. But really, I could not find which color to put on the nails. Seriously, they looked good as they were, with that dirty brown color... So I left them that way!

That's it. The Dread King was done. He reminds me of a very large version of Zanbar Bone from Ian Livingstone's "City of Thieves". Scary.

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