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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Amazon for Pathfinder RPG

I am please to announce the release of Gostor: Amazon. This is the first book that features only a single, playable race for the Pathfinder RPG (the 5e version is coming soon).

I have been thinking about an adventure that featured amazons, and an amazon culture way back in 2009-10, when I worked on the now-defunct Akos project. For years, this project just lingered in there as I tried to resolve one big question: Why would a group of women become complete recluse and do so for a long time. Finally inspiration struck and I began to put notes into a document that spent even more time on the back-burner as I worked on other projects.

With the Rhym project coming to a close, I got a few hours to put into this and spent quite a few evenings expanding the book. I got my good friend Jen-M (who wrote some of Legacies' best adventures) to provide me with her perspective. I also contacted a new artist, Daniela to do a few Amazon characters (you can see some of the art above).

So, what is in this book?
- The Amazon: why are they different? how do they live?
- A Playable race: a fully detailed race for the Pathfinder RPG, complete with alternate racial traits
- Three new feats
- Four sample amazons from a lowly scout to a powerful crone.

So, where can you get this book?
- DriveThru RPG
- RPG Now

Oh yeah! If you buy this product during the month of May, you get to benefit from JP's birthday massive 40% sale!!! Get this even cheaper now!

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  1. Just grabbed it. Looks interesting.
    I have an Amazon Witch I have used in the past. I might adapt your book to give my Amazon characters some more depth.