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Monday, May 1, 2017

Chattanooga Tabletop Game Fest After Action Report

This past weekend, ActionMan and I headed to Chattanooga for the first ever Chattanooga Tabletop Game Fest (CTGF). This time, we planned to play two Adventure League events, for higher levels (ActionMan is level 5 and I was level 7). My original plan had us take the girls too, but they decided not to attend earlier in the week. So it was gonna be a boy's day out!

The day started really early (6:30AM) with me and the boy getting on the road. The miles flew by quickly as ActionMan continued to sleep. By the time we stopped for a quick pit stop for gas and McDonald's, he was awake and ready to rock.

We got there quite early - not a bad thing - and we were able to set up and get ready to play.

Our first adventure, Herald of the Moon, went well. Seriously, the MVP was clearly ActionMan who kicked so much butt that those poor bad guys thought about packing up and giving up. Using his smiting ability, rolling crits dealing well into the 50+ points of damage per hit.

During the break, we visited a restaurant for which I cursed and thanked the people of our table. We visited a little place called Bea's Restaurant. It was (literally) just down the road from CTGF. They serve southern cooking family-style: fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, pinto beans, baked beans, potatoes, coleslaw, BBQ pork, to name a few. I tried to sample a little of each but it was too much. I pigged out. So did the boy. We did not eat any rolls or cornbread. But the star of the meal was the strawberry cobbler at the end. Wow. I mean I was stuffed and annoyed that I didn't have room for more food.

I still dream about those dumplings and that cobbler...

We then made our way back to the Masonic Lodge where the CTGF was held in something of a food overdosing haze... It was so worth it.

This second adventure was the finale of the Ravenloft season, The Dark Lord, where again ActionMan distinguished himself by pummeling the many bad guys. Speaking of this one, while I did not play the whole story line, I was really impressed with the finale.

How it made a fitting finale for the season was great. Not just combat-wise, but the story was really cool tool. Big points for the Adventurer's League. It even made me think of running Curse of Stradh for the kids (and others). Just like I remember playing I6 Ravenloft with my GM, Louis-G back in high school.

Way back in 1986...

The Good

While ActionMan did not really see any of the return trip, as he fell asleep as soon as he sat down in the car. So I drove the 100 miles home alone, listening to the radio and to music on the phone.

There are a number of good things about it:

- There were many games offered and more than what was planned happened.

- Friendly folk at the table.

- Many games available at once

- The venue was an old masonic lodge. I mean, this was a very old building, likely one that dated back well over 70 years: the bathroom plumbing was something that was added after the original creation. Cool. Potentially creepy. Made me think of my old high school (which was build in the 19th century and extended in the 50s).

The Improvables

- There was a definite air of chaos in the room. Perhaps a board or an overall coordinator, instead of an AL coordinator, a PFS coordinator, and every other GM standing on their own.

- The main room got really loud, especially when they held a huge werewolf game in the middle of the room and that GM was loud

- Note to self: do not bid on items I kinda want during silent auctions... Yeah, that one's all my fault.

The Conclusion

This was a small event that had only two RPG slots. It had a definite southern feel to it. Which some will get and some won't. I dig it. Mostly.

Well talking with ActionMan on Sunday, he was very excited about the event and wanted to come back. So was I! Next year, I may try and offer a few short game sessions, or I may play again! I have a year to decide!

A big thanks to our GMs!

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