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Monday, January 4, 2016

The Christmas To-do list... How did I do?

Let's go over the list of things I planned to do and evaluate up from there. Here is my original posting of the list.

1 - Complete Sailing Down the Kiflan Status: Done.

2 - Arcanis outline I have been working on it. However, I can't find hos to zazz it up to take it from an adventure that's fine to one that is good. I am still looking for that element that will make it really good. It's not bad I'm just not wow'd by what I have.

3 - Play 3+ games of Frostgrave The kids were barely in the house, we talked about it a few times, by never got around to playing the game.

4 - Play 1+ game of Pathfinder I was able to play the Reign of Winter game, but also #5 of Jade Regent, and the new evergreen 7-10. Wow that evergreen was NOT fun. It reinforced my peeve that "Perception is the only skill that matters". Status: Done.

5 - See Star Wars The Force Awakens with ActionMan Status: Done.

In the end, this gives me 4 out of 5 five. Not bad.

Bonus points

- Play a game of Warmachine

- Outline the Saggakar special for Gencon

- Take both girls to Star Wars Here, I scored a partial success. Kitty was too tired so was left at home. Jojo on the other hand came and really liked it.

- Expand my outline for ToS1-08

I did not accomplish any of these, so .5 out of 4.

Extra activities

- Playtested Sailing Down the Kiflan I drove up to Frankfort to run this one. Cosmetic changes to do, but the core is good.

- Attended two hockey games at Bridgestone Arena with the kids. That was very exciting. Hockey is great, even if my team (the Montreal Canadiens) kept getting their butts handed to them.

- Painted miniatures I was able to paint a number of miniatures, which you will see on the blog shortly.

- Played Games We spent New year's eve playing the old "Gold Digger" game and then "Munchkin" with the kinds. Good fun for all

- Star Wars The Old Republic I completed the story line for the Imperial Agent.

In the end

Although things did not pan out quite as I planned it, I enjoyed time with Jule and the kids. So plans fell kinda-through, but things turned out better than expected.

Christmas Vacation: WIN!


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