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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Legacies Writing Update

With time marching on as it does, I have been busy writing more material for both Saggakar and Legacies (not just for Arcanis). This week I have been busy writing an adventure I plan to unveil around March/April of this year. The adventure is tentatively called "One Final Night of Freedom" and closes one of the threads that has been in the background since Gencon. This adventure needed some of that simmer time not only for me to present and introduce the cast involved, but also for me to really see where the players would go on some of their threads. How much players can screw things up is a good way to describe what I had to wait for, and the insight has been very... interesting. Some Houses have definitely advanced their agenda, while others have not fared as well.

It's an adventure that can easily be described as a major story point for the campaign, one that will bring together a number threads, meaning that there will be NPCs from a variety of threads entangled in this one. I am still trying to sort out the many possible ramifications of this one.

On its heels, I have another one I have in the wings, though I wonder if it might not serve as a special...

Whatever the case, those two adventures, numbered ToS1-09 and ToS1-10 respectivelly should be the last two for this year, making it the biggest year for FOE so far. Even in the days of the previous campaign, we only published 4 then 6 and 5 core adventures (with a few others). So I am very proud of it.

For those of you seeking play opportunities, our Facebook group is the best place to play.


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