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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Arcanis gets the axe

Well it had to happen. After putting a few more hours into my Arcanis adventure. I decided to give it the axe. I will not write it because it bored me.

And like most of you, I have neither the interest nor time to write something I am bored with. New adventures should be exciting and fun. What I have now is neither.

So what does that mean? Simply that I am dropping my current script and restarting from scratch. Sure I may pull some ideas from the original but what I have now is pretty much bound for the scrapyard.

The underlying theme will remain, but where it goes from there will differ.

A lot.

As of this morning, I have already have the story back on track. I think only the NPC "names" and roles survive (the NPCs are names XvD, YvD, R1, R2 for now). And I think the adventure will have a better flow and be much more fun to run and play, while staying the feel of Arcanis


PS: You did not really think by the title that 1- Arcanis was going away and 2- that I would stop playing it did you? Because neither are true.

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