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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[Tweaking Pathfinder] Reviewing the charge rules

The charging rules are just too cumbersome and are a relic harking back to the days of 3.0/3.5. 4e, 5e, and even games using similar mechanics - such as Arcanis - have presented us with simpler charge rules. The "straight line corridor" is as complicated to explain as it is to enforce. While old salts like myself quickly see whether someone can charge or not, to new players and even less-regular ones, it is very difficult to explain.

The rule presented here aims at addressing these issues, keep in the spirit of the game, and most of all, limit argument and make the game flow quickly. Quicker = better. However, dear players, this means that YOU will also end up on the receiving end of a charge more often - to the greater joy of GMs everywhere.

Except where detailed below, the existing charge rules apply (full-round action, partial charge, hit bonus, AC penalty, etc)

   1- The charger must see opponent throughout the movement.

   2- Every square moved must bring the charger closer to the target (no equally-distant). The charger must seek as direct a path to the target, but can make adjustments as he is moving.

   3- The charger may not cross any effect or location that slows down or negatively affects movement. A charger may jump over obstacles such as walls or rivers, but may not charge through an area of entangle. If the charger enters such condition (fails to cross the river's width or enters zone suddenly filled with difficult terrain), the charge fails and the charger's movement ends immediately.

   4- Because someone asked me: NO, it is not possible to use the Stealth skill while charging.

There... simple, elegant, quick, and usable.


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