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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

JP the Brony

After a long time, I finally get around to posting my pics of Ponies from Impact miniatures. The sculpts for these models is great. They have character and paint up well, and most importantly look the part of the My Little Pony characters. My daughters especially really like that I got some ponies to paint.

However, my issues with the models come from the resin they used. They required so much prep work because the primer didn't stick to it. Neither did the diluted glue solution I applied on the model held on too good. Once they are ready and fully primed, they are great models.

I wish I had gotten more of them.

The first mini is painted to resemble the pony called "Applejack" who is a farmer. She speaks with a southern accent.

The second pony was painted as an homage to the Denver Broncos, my favorite football team. Go Broncos!


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  1. Who's a silly pony?
    You're a silly pony.
    Who is? You is!