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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Curse you, Wolflair/Herolab

A few weeks ago, I contacted a GM on Roll20 to join his Space 1889 game. I've always been a fan of that setting and lucked out as I found a game on-line. So I contacted the GM and it turns out he (Mike) is a guy I knew from my time in Colorado (I do say I'm an international celebrity).

So I started creating a character for his game and what is the best tool out there? HeroLab. So I got to the site to add the SW license to my HeroLab, pay up and then I end up paying for it.

Turns out I clicked on the wrong thing about bought myself a NEW license...

After contacting them, they quickly told me they could either reimburse me or they could merge the two licenses and I could get the (I stopped listening at that point). I was annoyed, there was nothing I wanted for 10$.

So I asked for the cancellation of the new license. It was done in short order... Great customer service: friendly, clear, and efficient.

Then I returned to the Wolflair site... And instead of just buying the Savage World, I ended up with the Call of Cthulhu AND Mutants and Mastermind 3rd Ed packs! GAH!

Curse you Wolflair! A Chicken on your head!!! Now you are forever branded with that tag and people across the megaverse will revile you!

I managed to be good and not spend much during December but now I went and spent more than I wanted.

Let the curse be upon you because of your awesome products and great customer service that got me to split from my hard-earned money.


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