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Sunday, November 15, 2015

PFS: Death of a favored character

Togo sat playing his horn to the falling star, he remained behind to give his fellows and give that misguided woman a chance to redeem herself. A pair of colorful song birds perched on the horn. Togo smiled as the birds chirped, serving as his accompaniment. He knew he would soon be with the Lady-of-Song that long ago appeared in his dreams.

Togo would be in paradise surrounded by the most beautiful women and listen to the greatest symphonies.

Togo loved the Lady.

The Lady had not forgotten Togo.

Togo died happy.

Thus died Togo, my savage skald/ cleric of Shelyn who gave his own life to give a woman a chance at redemption. Togo was a great character, a half-orc dedicated to women. He used simple language which people assumed had deeper meaning. Togo was a charming fellow.

Oh well, even though there is never any true chance for memorable heroics to be remembered by the PFS campaign, but this one will remain for me. Togo is gone. The hero who saved the town from The Dragon's Demand died as a hero. A heroic death like that... That goes into the treasure vault of great role-playing moments.

Farewell Togo



  1. A good character death is always welcomed. May he be remembered by friends and foes alike.

  2. With no fear of death can a character truly live? Deaths, such as you describe makes events memorable for all.

    However having a moon drop on you, like Chewie did a few years ago, not so great.