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Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 Special Edition Cover - Poll Result

In case you did not know, I ran a quick poll on the Legacies Facebook group about an alternative cover for the original release of the Player's Guide. After some internal discussions, I decided that this book will be available through the end of the year - hence the "2015 Edition".

The content will not change from the "Final" version that will be available at the same time (for those who do not want this cover). Regarding the content, I had an original layout that was pretty much the same as the one for our adventures. However, I was not overly satisfied with it.

So I headed to RPGNow and began looking for templates and page backgrounds. I could not find one that really provided what I wanted. I kept going back and forth on one design from LPJ and one from Fat Goblin, but neither fit what I wanted.

Seeing LPJ pop up on Facebook, I asked him if he could make available a preview for his only set of backgrounds that did not have a preview (it was set number 1.1).

What did he do? Sent me a free copy! I was shocked and pleased by this.

But it was NOT the best of the surprises... The best part was that one of the backgrounds was exactly what I wanted! So I went back into my document, promptly adding LPJ Design to my list of credits and reworked the background of the book.

So what do you think?


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