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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Path to Ambition released!!!

Finally, after much time and talks about it, Rand'y's adventure ToS1-05 Path to Ambition is now available on RPGNow/DrivethruRPG (see the cleverly disguised linked...).

The adventure is the one that introduced me (and thus most of you) to the city-state of Onero. The adventure is a healthy mix of investigation, intrigue and exploration, enough to please most play-style. Onero can best be described as a "a Vegas-style" city. A place where every vice is available for the right price.

The city itself inspired Randy so much that as we talked more and more we kept adding additional pieces to the city. So much so that we decided a few things. First, we would write a book dedicated to the City itself, similar to what was done with Gytha about a year ago. Second, Randy would write a follow-up to "Path". Third, Randy would write the Onero book. Finally, after the playtest, I decided to extend the APL from 7 to 5-7 and finally 3-7 to allow more people a chance to play.

This adventure is big, clocking in at a huge 41 pages! However, there is are many handouts, and a lot of juicy secrets within!

Get the adventure here! or you can get the Year 1 adventure bundle and get ALL this year's adventures at a great price.


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