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Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Releases and updates

I have finally released two more Legacies adventures!

James McTeague's ToS 1-04 House of Mirror which is a murder mystery with a definite Pathfinder flair. This one is really fun to play and GM. James came up with another creative spin on a known trope.

ToS 1-06 And Everything Nice is an adventure that was originally thought of for Saggakar but with a lot of ties to the NeoExodus campaign. I won't say much more without spoilers, you'll have to check them out yourself.

Both of these have been added to the Saggakar Year 1 Bundle.

But JP, where is ToS1-05, You ask? It is nearly done.

I have been working on a number of other products: The Player's Guide, these adventures and yes 1-05... No worries Randy's awesome adventure will be released shortly. I am also working at consolidating my con schedule for next year. I have quite a few surprises in the works. Some of which surprised even me. I am so excited that I cannot wait to reveal what they are.

Now to look into the printing of the Player's Guide! I want to get it in print ASAP.


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