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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Frostgrave/Pathfinder: Three adventurers

A few Paizo/Reaper miniatures for Frostgrave or Pathfinder. These models are all from the Reaper Bones II.

The first model is the iconic inquisitor. For her, I chose a drab scheme. Inquisitors are not flashy IMO and "do their job" above all. For accent, I gave her some pink highlights on her corset/ bodice. One of the coolest aspect (and one I will freely admit I did not really intend) is the face. The wide-brim hat she has darken her eyes, which you can see underneath.

Next is the iconic samurai. That is a class I learned to really like for its gimmicky abilities. I have not played my own character, Obata for months now. He was crippled by Boned-keep and I had to give him a new direction, which made him rather interesting. This mini is LARGE, with the sashimono. I tried to give him as much color as possible so he would be readily visible on the battlefield.

Finally, this guy is the mystic theurge. A simple mini in all. I gave him "Reed Richards hair": greying temples for effect. This guy appeared in Frostgrave already. He served as ActionMan's apprentice, but no more!


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