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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Drakonian

Every since I read and kinda ran "Curse of the Azure Bonds" in the early 90s - yes I had the adventure decades before I got my hands on the novel. I devoured that novel so fast it left me wanting for more... I had no idea this was a trilogy and read it as a single novel. As such, I totally enjoyed it, which I would not have had I known of the trilogy.

But enough of my gripping with trilogies...

So since that time, there have been draconic adventurers in games: whether they be Dragonlance's draconians, or lizardmen from Greyhawk, or the Ss'ressen from Arcanis (I am butchering that spelling) but their presence always seem to make things more interesting, with their reptilian perspective. So when it came time to add some new races in Saggakar, some type of reptilian had to be in the conversation. Hence the drakonians.

"But JP, you never played one," I hear you say. And you'd be right. I tend to play blander characters but I still love to adventure with them.

This guy here will serve as one of the generic drakonians! Now I need to use more of them in adventures!


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