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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Player's Guide test cover

Irene is working hard to finish the Iconics I plan to use on the cover of the Player's Guide. I spent some time this evening playing with Paint Shop to see what I could come up with... I don't dislike it, but it definitely is too crowded. I'm not sure what I'll do.

I'm open to suggestions.

Speaking of suggestions, I received a few very good ones from my buddy Alex FG. I haven't yet responded to him on his points as I am pondering what to answer. I like that he sent those to me now, when I still can work on the document and add some additional tidbits to the Player's Guide.

What nice problems to have...



  1. I'd have the Tyrants have the same font as Saggakar, because it seems like that might stick out more to make 'TYRANTS OF SAGGAKAR' the title and not 'SAGGAKAR' the title. Reduce the font size of Player's Guide by about 15 percent to let the title of setting pop out a bit more over the name of the supplement.

    Art-wise, I'm most impressed by the guy in armor (spears!) and the ape-ox. Perhaps keep those and maybe edit their eyes so they're staring in the same direction, or get a new piece so they're standing back to back and staring in different directions. At the moment it looks a lot like you've taken a bunch of single pieces from within the book and just stacked them on top of each other, so it's making it... clumpy.

    The background is gorgeous. If you're going to add something, please make it fit that background. The art style for the background is clearly more realistic in detail, while the art for the characters is lacking a bit of detail and almost cartoonish. Having so many people on the cover, too, who aren't integrated into the background but just sort of MSPainted on steals from the depth of the background art. When people read new settings, they expect fantastical races, yeah, but you don't need to blow your load right on the cover. Just keep 2-3 characters and fit them into the background more fluidly and it'll work a lot better.

    I'm excited to read this. It looks really cool.

  2. I'm always happy to add problems to your life JP!