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Monday, October 5, 2015

[30 Days of DnD] Day 5: Favorite Dice Set/ Individual Die

My favorite dice set is very easy: It's my "Imperial Simpsons" dice set. It is purple and gold with a "DOHP" instead of the '1' on every dice. I make a point of reading the dice every time it comes up.

This set comes with a story... (of course!) Back in 2007, my good friend Homer, his nephew Ryan and I (shout-out to the two of you!) took a trip to attend MountainCon in Salt Lake City. A ten hour drive in the civic. Ah well. Fun times. We bonded a lot during that trip. We played mod after mod of Nyrondese goodness. It was a fun trip overall, now drowned in my half-asleep brain.

The toughest questions is which is my favorite individual die. I do like my Paizo D20 because it is pretty big and I can shout "PAIZO!!!" every time I get a 20 (which is usually on something useless like initiative)...


  1. Hey, JP! That's my favorite dice set too. I still yell 'Doh!' too whenever I roll a '1' on any of the dies. We could have sold 10-15 of those sets for the vendor during MountainCon. Everyone wanted one, but she only had the two sets with her. Good times!

    Btw, Ryan didn't come on the trip to MountainCon. It was just you and me. My sister (his mom) wouldn't let him take off from school for the trip. You're probably thinking about the trip to Texas (BanditCon?) that we made the summer before MountainCon with Ryan and Sean. They were both really long trips in your Honda Civic!


    PS. We gotta plan to go to another con together. I haven't seen you in way too long.

    1. I was sure he came with us... Oh well.
      I have a new car (a civic) now!
      Yeah we need to get together around a game table.
      Miss ye bud!