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Saturday, October 10, 2015

[30 Days of Dnd] Day 10: Craziest thing you saw

Well so many of them... but I have to say the icing on the cake is my buddy Steve who, while playing Call of Cthulhu managed to live so long with a Luck of 30 while other PCs constantly out-shined him with better skills, "Steve St-James" became something of a local legend. He lived through so many adventures before finally getting what was coming to him. And we were all sad.

I would like to add the wooing of a few maiden fair with some strange dice rolling through some verbiage that... well... should not be repeated. But then a '20' came up and well things came together and love ruled the day...


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  1. It was actually a Luck of 25! And you forget to say that he even later make a guest appearance in Nyarlathotep's mask campaing!