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Friday, October 2, 2015

More art: The Kyneans

I was really happy when I finally got the final version of the Kyneans the one race I hadn't been able to find a good image. I had a good idea of what I wanted them to look like, and I knew I would have to get a commission for them.

Almost on a fluke, I saw that Peter Saga (@PeterSaga1 was offering his services for commissions. I looked at his stuff and liked his clean, classic style. I liked how a number of his illustrations depicted aliens and that fit into what I wanted.

I reached out to him about getting and we agreed he'd do some work for me. I sent him some research into what I wanted. Then I anxiously waited.

After a few weeks, it seemed he did not understand what I needed. A little frustrating I will admit, but we kept the conversation going as I (tried to) explained. We kept Facebook-chatting on a regular basis and as we did so, he got inspired by the idea of the kyneans. He got what I wanted from these guys and more of who they were.

Inspiration is the key word here because the illustrations arrived so fast my head was spinning! I love how they look square, almost statuesque and fit their "unusual body type" attribute.

I wanted them to have a look that was very angular with clothing inspired by ancient Asia, in the style of kung fu classics.. I wanted them to look as though cut out of crystal (the source of the miscommunication). I really like the final result Peter gave them. They have just the look I wanted for them.


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