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Saturday, October 3, 2015

[30 Days of DnD] Day 3: Favorite Playable Class

This is another easy one: cleric. I have always been interested in religion and philosophy. I seriously considered becoming a priest when I was an early-teen. But then I discovered boobs... Oh yeah!

I love clerics because they make everyone else look so much better doing what they do. Plus the idea of being dedicated to philosophy and religion... Its a winner!

As I wrote Tyrants of Saggakar, religions were one of the most fun elements. Not only does religion serve as a representation of an idealized version of society. The underlying common link between man and the gods is one that is very important, even if the gods are somehow gone or distant. I personally prefer to use the gods as distant powers rather than constantly involved in the affairs of man.

Ah... philosophy, theogony, and cosmology... See I told you it was my favorite class.

For similar reason, paladin comes close second.


Edit: Art by Pat Lobyoko and Copyright Paradigm Concept Inc.

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  1. JP - I don't mind you using samples of our art for your blog, but please credit it to Pat Loboyko and Copyright Paradigm Concepts, Inc.