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Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'm not slacking! Teaser Pics!

I know many of you have been commenting how I've been slacking and not posting here and not pushing any new FOE products... That's not true as I have been working VERY hard, on a lot of stuff behind the scenes.

I've teased you with the Gytha book, which I had to redo because of feedback from LPJ. and I must say... the changes he recommended really made the product look better! It should be out before Christmas. I promise. To go with the book, I plan to have not one but two adventures that support the product. So not only can you know some of the secret of Gytha, but you will also discover more about the Protectorate plans for the city. In all, there should be around 6-8 adventures that will use the Gytha sourcebook! At least that's what I have planned... And that does not include the specials one-shots.

I've also teased you about some new iconics. Well they are coming! I have been waffling about who and what to do about them. I commissioned a great artist I met on Deviant art, for a few pieces and they look sensational! I will have more coming from her in the future...

I'm sure you can guess the races for the characters. That's the easy part. I am personally waffling as to which classes I want to make them. A cleric, or an oracle? A fighter or a paladin? A rogue or a wizard? The thing with Iconics is that they need to showcase the world, not just be "generic" characters.

However, LPJ has some great iconics... so should the FOE ones have more oddball concepts? Those are things I try to figure out and decide. Of course, these guys have to be exciting and fun and showcase the campaign. I am definitely open to suggestions.

One funny thing that happened... I gave a bunch of ideas to Irene (the artist) and asked her for a nature-type p'tan/catfolk. She misunderstood what I wanted and drew a woman with feline features... a human. I was a little bummed, but I really loved the character she had. So I asked to keep it and add extra features to the characters, for someone I wanted drawn for another project... So I pulled a bait and switch.

I've talked about a new banner... I have received it! I have yet to officially unveil it, but nothing prevents me from teasing you some more!

You might've noticed similarities between the iconics and the "mysterious character" in the banner. If you have, then you get bonus points. All of them were drawn by the same hand! I really like her characterization, it has just a touch of cartoon-y without being "too much." I think we have a good relationship and we will be doing more work together in the (very) near future.

Oh yes... since everything is "Under Construction" there is a 'dozer and a hardhat in the picture. Thanks to ActionMan for the assist.

So there you have it... a few things that are moving forward... with pics to prove I'm not lying to you!


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