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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Commission: Rory's musketeer

Part two of the commission-trade I did with Rory. This time, a musketeer-type character. She is a member of the Dark Archive faction. The colors of the faction are a purple flame on an open book. This in itself causes a problem, as I wanted to give him a character with a somewhat different color scheme! So I aimed for something more red.

The boots and gloves are of a dark color with a purple twinge. The pants and shirt have a simple pattern of red and pink, just enough to not look "empty" and the right amount to fill the space. The tabard has the Dark Archive's motifs repeated a number of places.

One funny thing you may notice about the model. I had to cover the sword with 3 layers of glue to give it strength. This is why the sword is no longer "perfect".


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