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Monday, December 1, 2014

FOE: Chicken vs egg

Yesterday, I tweeted the following question:

Thinking about running a @kickstarter for a @FreeRPGDay adventure... Thoughts?

There seems to be a lot of differing views on that.

The two main positions are: "Why pay for something I will get for free?" versus "Without KS how can you produce the adventure?" It's something of a "chicken vs egg" situation. Without backing, I'm not big enough to fund

Why pay for something that will be free? Obviously, the goal is to provide something to backers that is gonna be unique and fun, but as a businessman, I need something that will provide me with some additional sales down the road. With more sales, I can afford to do more and better-looking products.

If you are a 3pp, I am very likely to reach out and get your thoughts and pick your brain on your experiences with Kickstarter, with Free RPG Day, and with publishing in general. I'm really trying to create a road map for myself and for FOE. We've been doing product that I think look better and better in the past year.

Is it time for us to take that next step? Was is that next step? Is Kickstarter part of it?

A lot to think about.


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