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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Legacies: The Battle for Gytha is about to launch

Well I have 2 of the planned 6 adventures pretty much ready to move to playtest. I have posted an open invitation for people to playtest the adventure on the Legacies Facebook group. Join us if you can or want to playtest Legacies products and adventures.

As part of the release of the Gytha sourcebook, I have 2 adventures done (well 1 still needs a few stat blocks and Patron notes). This new series "Battle For Gytha" has a core of 6 adventures, plus a few other one-shots that will expand the storyline (I'm not saying much more at this time).

The first two adventures: 94-LC-04 Plains of Sametia and 94-LC-05 Knee Deep are somewhat straightforward adventures. Whereas thus far, we've had the invasion of Sametia be something we've not really addressed in our adventures, but now we shift to this series being the center and focus of the events.

The series provides surprising links to adventures that date back all the way to 91. Loose ends I have been meaning to get back to. Sometimes what people do comes back to bite them, sometimes it bites other people...

Needless to say that I am pretty excited about this series.

As a surprise bonus to my design team... I sent them a special, unique LR that only they will have...


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