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Friday, December 12, 2014

Commission: Rory's Witch

This is the first of a pair of miniatures I painted for my good buddy Rory.

How this came to be is an interesting story. Rory and I were talking on Facebook. Over the course of the conversation, he mentioned that people laughed at him for playing with unpainted minis - rightfully, I should say. I mentioned that I painted for others, showed him some of my work (which he already knew about). And I got me a commission!

Now the story would be fairly interesting already. On the topic later was his availability as a writer. More talks. In the end, we agreed that he would write a short adventure for me in return for two painted minis! Like a number of artists on DeviantArt, we traded artwork! I'm pretty stoked.

Here is what he asked me and how he described his witch:

I'd like the witch to be med-dark purple dominant, is fair skinned, black hair (perhaps some white highlights) and purple eyes.

I think I miffed on the hair... but the white hair really pops. I really like the end result. She looks really nice. The face and contrasts of the purples/reds on the clothes.


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