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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Commission: Nate's Dark Heresy Officer for 40k

This model was given to me as a commission by my good friend Nate. He did not have a specific scheme for it. This is for a Dark Heresy character of his.

I looked at some old pictures of WWI for inspiration. I looked at some pictures. Most of the Death Corps are painted in fairly drab German colors. 40k for me is about bright and contrasting uniforms. 19th-Century color schemes that have no usefulness in camouflage. It's bright and bold greens, reds, or blues. Although some paint their armies in the style of 20th century armies camouflage, it does not pop... not exciting for me...

As this was a single character, I wanted something more flashy. And in keeping with the WWI theme, is there an army more flashy than the 1914 French, with their sky blue and crimson? So I opted for a scheme that was greatly inspired by the French army.

Although at first, I planned to have the uniform and the jacket be the same color, it looked like a big block of the same color. So I used a lighter color for the cloak. All the black (boots, mask & helmet) has been treated to have a blue tint. It looks black at first glance, but reflection are clearly blue, which I like.

As a salute to classic Imperial guard, the laspistol was painted red.

This model is a Finecast resin model. I strongly dislike that medium: model are too light (weightless), and cutting the flash is scary... Even once based, it was too light, so I put a penny and that added some weight to the model without becoming too heavy.

That said, the final result is much to my liking. I have to say it looks very good.


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