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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Minis for Charity: Part 3 Special Characters

So we come to the end of the minis for the UK Children's. Here are the three "Special Characters". These minis are all special...

The first one is the priest. Every good western town has a priest or a preacher. Sometimes he is a good man, other times he is a scumbag with a pistol hidden in that bible... Which is it?

This mini has a unique interest to me because my first Deadlands character was a priest, Father JP who was not allowed, by the party, to carry a gun. I adventured across the West bringing the word of the LORD to sinners and horrors of the night! Then when I would pick up a gun, a quick botch later, my party members were hurting badly. Enough that I was ordered to hand over my gun to the Texas Ranger.

The second one is "Honest Abe". Wielding dual pistols and sporting a union jacket, did he fake his death to fight crime and vampires, or is he now a criminal masterming?

With the recent series of movies about him: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Lincoln, he has been given to appear more and more as an action hero. That's really how I think he can be used and my inspiration for this mini. I thought about adding some axes, but that would really have made the mini less re-usable.

Still Abe with pistols is pretty cool!

Finally, "The Woman", clearly influenced by Sharon Stone's character from "The Quick and the Dead". She is ready to take on any takers or lead her gang into a bullet-filled street.

About that movie, it was a fairly straightforward yarn, but one I found myself enjoying. Having watched it again recently and it aged fairly well. The story is fun, though not overly surprising.

However, the film seems much more at home in a Samurai setting than the west. Plus, it might be more spectacular, with heroes using different styles and weapons: daisho, katana, yari, etc. Against a group of gunfighters that all draw and shoot... Bah it was good, and I liked it.

There you go. This is the full complement of minis, over three days. A total of 38 models (10 swordsman, 10 arquebusiers, 15 cowboys and 3 special characters)


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