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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Minis for Charity: Part 2 Cowboys

Another group of miniatures for the charity event. This time we move to the Old West for a bunch of cowboys! These guys can be used for a number of conflict, from the Alamo to the Civil War, the French Mexican Adventure, or even as adventurers in distant places such as Africa or China.

And let's not forget the many steampunk or Victoriana adventures you can do with these guys!

These guys make a great start to a gang for Legend of the Old West or similar type of Western skirmish games, one band of Lawmen and perhaps one of cowboys. I will say, I really like the rugged look of the Indian/Woodsmen in this group. The leather of their coats came out really nice and full of depth.

Tomorrow, the final entry: with special characters!


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