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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FOE: Public design session

I am very happy to announce that First Ones Entertainment will be hosting a first open design session. Other than going over some things like the state of the campaign and where we want to take it this year, the big thing is going to be designing a session. Sunday the 18th at 8pm EDT.

For what?

Quite simply, we will be designing a location within NeoExodus specifically for the campaign.

Yes, we will be discussing about the place, its inhabitants, its unique locations, why should people adventure there.

We are not starting from nothing. I have a rough outline for the location, but it is filled with areas and places.

But JP, what should I prepare for this? you ask. Quite simply, think of the most exciting NPCs and locations that you can think of.

What can you tell us about the location? It is in Sametia, is controlled by the Janus Horde and is set in a coastal area. It does the ruins of a city. There. How can you make that cool? That's what we'll see on Sunday!

You can "register" on Our Event on Facebook or you can simply join us Sunday night in our Google Hangout!

See you Sunday!


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