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Saturday, October 18, 2014

FOE: More details about public design session

So tomorrow night, I will be hosting a design session for the campaign. While I will not say much just yet, I want to let you all know about the three topics I want to design with everyone.

We will be working on a town on the eastern coast of Exodus. It is currently in the hands of the Janus Horde but foreign forces are closing in.

The details are still fairly sketchy about it right now because, you guessed it, I want YOU to populate it and make it unique and awesome. Then I get to pull your own awesome ideas against you so its a win-win (for me).

We'll be working on NPCs, locations and character options. Here are some random notes to start getting your brain juice going...

Interesting NPC(s) The world is filled with characters, let's think two with an interesting background. Concept ideas: Cult leader, A Warlord. Things to talk about:
    -  Gender
    -  Race
    -  History
    -  Why is this character unique?

Interesting location(s) We will come up with a few interesting adventure locations. These could be a location that's unique because of a magic, religious, or natural phenomenon. Here are a list of the elements found nearby
    -  A large, fetid swamp
    -  A coastline

Character option(s) Ever thought there was a feat or other option that would make sense to add to the game? This is your chance to pitch it!
    -  A feat
    -  An archetype
    -  A spell

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