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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Minis for Charity: Part 1 Conquistadores

In case you don't know, I am taking part in a charity event at Moonlite Comics, in Frankfort KY, this coming weekend. To help raise some funds, I will be donating a number of painted minis (around 40) to raise money! Everything goes to support the UK Children's Hospital (that's the University of Kentucky, not the United Kingdoms).

Today I unveil the first group of minis for this lot. I'm not 100% sure if/how we will split these, and it doesn't matter.

This group of Conquistadores/El Dorado is ready to travel throughout the world in this age of discovery. They are equally at home in the jungles of Brasil or the Yucatan, the foggy hills of Scotland, the wild woods of North America, the wonders of the Far East, or take on any number of fantasy locales. With a unit of arquebusiers and one of swordsman, these guys can do it all!

The painting on these guys was simple, but I think it makes them look darker and the contrasts are very effective, especially on the armor padding.

Moonlite Comics is proudly supporting the Extra Life charity to benefit the UK Children's Hospital with our 24 Hours of Gaming! From 10PM on Saturday to 10PM on Sunday, we'll have gaming all night and all day!

See the Facebook event for game schedule and events details.

More tomorrow!


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