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Friday, October 31, 2014

An update on... well everything!


I've been working really hard to get things done and our latest waves of adventure rolled out. I have new editors working on products. I am just about to announce the next big story arc for Legacies! Stay tuned.

About the public design session, it went extremely well. The guys came up with some very nasty goodies and great ideas I am putting the finishing touches on. It will be a very good book. At first, I thought it would be only 5-6 pages but it looks like the final product will be 20+ pages long. Filed with goodies!

The Charity Auction

A quick note on the charity gaming event from this weekend at Moonlite.

I spoke with Jay (the owner) about the amount gathered for the weekend. I'm very happy to report that my minis brought in a whopping 87$! More than 10% of the total proceeds. With over 700$ gathered, I know this will help the UK Children's Hospital!

But really I'm very happy to report this. Though my contribution was not much, a big thanks goes to the guys who bid on the silent auction. A big thank you! I'll definitely provide more for the next one.


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