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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Three big news from FOE about Legacies

Many big news about Legacies today.

First, the Crafting Guide has been officially released! You can get it as part of the Campaign Toolkit, available for free on Get it by clicking this link. Did I mentioned it was free?

Second, the prologue to "Legacy Of Lies" is finally out. It is part of the yearly Narratives, which is free for those who purchase the yearly bundle! You can get all the Narratives here and the bundle here.

Third, those who belong to the Legacies Facebook Group already know that I have started working on the playtests for Origins.

The next step is the update to the Legacies Campaign guide. It will include some new additional resources, new options, the FAQ I posted a few weeks ago.

Then the Gencon adventures and beyond.


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