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Monday, May 5, 2014

Battle Report: Moritari te Salutamus

When I started posting my gladiator collection back in March as part of Gladiator Tuesdays, I mentioned I was re-tooling my mini skirmish game, Moritari Te Salutamus (We who are about die, salute you). Well I dusted off the game, and expanded it to make it simpler and quicker.

So one early morning, I got together: a dedicated gamer (me), a non-gamer (my wife), and two of the kids to see if they would understand the game, after all the changes made.

I used my GameMastery flip-mat as an arena. That mat is generally useless, so I was very happy to have found a use for it.

As a visual aid, we used poker chips. A white chip indicates a light gladiator, a blue indicate a heavy, and each wound used a red chip.

The gladiator schools were:

Action Man Three lions

JP Two lights and one heavy

Julie Two heavies and one light

Kitty Two heavies and one light

Without going through all the details, I was the first to lose a fighter (eaten by a lion). Kitty was the first one to lose all her fighters (once Action Man understood he could take out his sister, he really got into the game). After that, I was taken out and Action Man's last lion (which was almost dead), took out my wife's last gladiator.

This next shot is after Kitty was taken out and my last man desperately - but eventually futilely - try to fight the last of the lions with my wife's last man entering the arena.

The game had a number of unexpected twist, mostly due to Action Man's extra aggressive attitude. He really liked the game and the idea of having his lions eat people - whether his sister, his mother or his father. He really got into the game.

In this pose, he displays his three terrifying lions. He is eating his hand like he ate the rest of us.

The kids enjoyed the game very much because it was so quick and they were constantly engaged. The mechanics for playing Caesar and the thumbs up or thumb down they really enjoyed.

You can find this little gem on It was officially released this past Sunday!


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