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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gladiator Tuesday: Gladiatrices here come the ladies!

From all the reading I did, female gladiators (a gladiatrix) were generally something that was relegated to the role of entertainment. These ladies were not taken as seriously as the men.

The models seem to support that view. My case and point: they have nothing to cover or protect their breasts. I must admit adds to the spectacle... Bah I like watching boobs! So these ladies are

Sorry ladies, it's not new that you get no respect in sport!

To help redeem myself (a little), in Moritari Te Salutamus, gladiatrices and gladiators both use the same set of statistics. So schoolmasters, don't be afraid to throw one of the these ladies to the lions. Literally.

The lady on the left is a heavy while the other two are lights (again using Moritari te Salutamus classifications). I like the one with the trident and her "mohawk".


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