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Monday, May 19, 2014

Origins and Gencon Events are live!

Finally, you can register for Legacies events at both Origins and GenCon are now available! You can search both sites for events called "Legacies". There are no Legacies events on Saturday (and none on Sunday at Origins).

Personally, I will be playing a mix of Arcanis and Witch Hunter in my off time. I am looking forward for to seeing my character grow in both those campaigns... I really hope my main Arcanis character (the one with "Morning Glory") can rise to the second tier of the game. Then she would really turn into someone even more interesting to play.

I have been talking about the events but I never put the blurbs up for you. So without any further delays, here are the blurbs.

Legacies: Dousing fire with blood

94-LC-01 The Reis Confederacy is a turbulent place, where might makes right. When a whole city disappears, leaving behind a shimmering dome of energy, the Imperatrix must act. For APLs 3-7

Legacies: As if it could get any better

94-LC-02 In spite of constant assaults, the flag of the Arman Protectorate still flies over Trovaska. More clouds are gathering over the city. This time the danger comes from within. For APLs 3-7

Legacies: Best served Cold

94-LI-01 The Empress will hold games in Nyssa. It is said she will pardon her brother for the murder of Empress Mercy. Will the falling snow be nothing more than a shroud upon the land? For APLs 3-7


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