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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Future Gostor Preview: What next from FOE

Since FOE started back in October, I have been working and teaching myself a number of new skills. Since LPJ isn't the one doing the layouts, I've had to do them myself. I have been listening to a lot of feedback about a number of things: the look, the layout, the colors, everything.

My own skills with MS-Word have improved as I delve more and more into the capacity and limitations of the tool. For example, the Yr 2 adventures are fairly bland and straight-up PDFs of the adventures. Meanwhile, as we moved into 93AU, I began to add images, from the public domain, some commissions. Slowly.

Since then I came up with a number of small products I published under the "Gostor" imprint (thanks to Mike Dulock for help on the name). These small products have done well for me, but I want to push the look and feel of them. I have two Gostor products I am finishing, both of them system-agnostics, so they'll work for any game system.

The two products are "While on the road..." a product that details how to create and present an overland trek to your players rather than simply saying "you get there". Or "you get there and have to fight those X monsters." And I've filled it with GM tips

The other is called Not bolted down, something my regular players will recognize from playing with me. It is a light framework to create valuable items that stand out. I even provide real-life examples such as Fabergé eggs and the Mona Lisa! That's right. I consolidated and expanded a lot of personal notes for this one.

So a lot of things coming from FOE in a short time.

In addition to the goodies at Origins and Gencon!


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