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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[Nerdgasm] Guess what I found on Kickstarter?

It is one thing that strikes me as funny in the world of RPG writers, its not long that one quickly learns and meets other writers, publishers and fans alike quickly. There are number of name one sees for a while then suddenly conversations sparks, ideas get bounced back and forth and new products spring to life.

This happened to me a few times and I know it happened with others. One such person I got to know "through the grapevine" and with whom I talked about a number of projects, trading ideas and critiquing work - all privately, is Christina Stiles. Now if you don't know her, you are missing out. She is one of the most prolific writers and someone who is so easy to get along with. She has been involved in a number of projects already: Bite Me! (Guide to playing Lycanthropes in Pathfinder), The Grande Temple of Jing (which I am about ready to give up on) and a number of other small projects

Almost by chance, I was on Kickstarter - I know I should not go on there any more, but I am like a moth to a flame as I go over good products. And well... I am looking for deals.

Guess what I found?

Katja by the bubbling cauldronChristina was running a Kickstarter about witches and warlocks! I have been involved in a game of Reign of Winter playing a winter witch for about a year. Katja has been the subject of many jokes and is a very interesting character to play. As I've been playing so many extrovert characters, she is such a change, a challenge, and a delight to play.

So of course, I have a bias towards this new product! I immediately contacted Christina (again) to discuss this product. And WOW! In just a few email message, I love what this book will contain. Plus it won't be a small book. NOOOOO! It will be TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX pages of Witch goodness! Really! 256! I'm sure you can read the nerdgasm I am having right now as I write this.

In fact, I think I will start a new tag on the blog dedicated to those things I go gaga over. Nerdgasms for short. I have been finding so many cool things online these days, things I JUST have to share.

Go on, have a look-see for yourself! The kickstarter is live now and with just a little more than two weeks to go... Link to KickStarter.


  1. Christina is great. I am so happy to be working with her.

    I am so pleased you have found our little witch book!

    1. Can't wait for pay day to throw money at you guys