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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Real life: A star twinkles no more

What do you say to a friend who lost someone very close to them?

Do you try to comfort him, knowing there is nothing that you can say that will ease the pain? Do you try to put a sympathetic face and act as if this sort of things happen all the time? Do you try to cheer him up? Do you try to schedule some activity you can do together? Do you tell him that though you are thousands of miles away, he is all you can really think about? Do you remind him that your door is always open to him? Do you raise your fist to Heavens in anger?

Do you say...?


What can you say to a friend to heal a wound that will never truly heal?

Do you talk about something similar that happens to you, knowing that your loss was nothing like his? Do you remind him of the good times? Do you tell him a funny story to bring a smile? Do you talk about faith, and provide some helpful verse? Do you tell him that in Heaven, our departed friend will wait for us with open arms?

Do you say...?


What can you do to make sure your friend knows you support him?

Do you cry alone, hiding that you are seriously hurt too? Do you hide those tears to spare him? Do you resort to humor, saying that she was a great person because she tolerated him?

Do you...?


What can you think when you know the world is a little darker now?

Do you try to find the Good Lord's purpose in this? Do you seek to turn this into new light in the darkness? Do you focus on the good times and the fun times? Do you tell him that she is still with us in spirit? Do you tell her that she gained some measure of immortality through your lovely son?

Do you...?






Louis, I feel and share your pain and tears. There is nothing I can say -or write- that sounds appropriate. She was always a ray of Florida sunshine and will be remembered. You have many friends - more friends that you know - all of which grieve with you.

I am here for you, brother. Just say a word.

Farewell Carla, we'll see you on the other side.


PS: For those that do not know, Carla Porter, LPJ's beloved wife, lost her battle with brain cancer today. See the official announcement on LPJ's blog.

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