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Friday, January 10, 2014

I am going to Winter Fantasy!

Well I have finally gotten myself a Winter Fantasy ticket! I waffled but then decided to do it. Fort Wayne is about four hours from here. This is the first time I've been since 2008, when 4e was being demoed. I will have been to a few Winter Fantasy and enjoyed myself. I missed ALL of the "D&D XP" phase. It will be like returning to a good friend.

In addition to the games I don't play (I won't pay 8$/slot for 4e or 5e). I decided I would fork the cash to play Witch Hunter and Arcanis. Unfortunately, there did not seem to be any event for these games happening during the Saturday evening slot...

- Friday Evening: Arcanis A2AP02 Elements of Faith (Premiere)
- Saturday Morning: Witch Hunter HP 1-01 Bedlam
- Saturday Afternoon: Witch Hunter HP 1-02 The Lost Child
- Saturday Evening: PFS The Stolen Heir
- Sunday Morning: Witch Hunter HP 1-04 My Cross to Bear (Premiere)

The only event I really am not interested in is the PFS. However, it is a lesser of all evils. If I can get into a game of Arcanis or Witch Hunter, I will jump ship for sure. After my GenCon experience I am very wary of playing PFS at large events with random GMs.

I will be driving back after the first slot on Sunday morning.

Expect a full report after the con. Until then... I will die of anticipation.


Edit: There are games of Arcanis on Saturday night... just stuff I've already played.

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