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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Khador: Why little girls should never pick their army's colors

On her birthday, my second daughter got a Khador army (I thought she would take something else). So I got her that. Then I aksed her what color she wanted on her army... You guessed it: pink.

I walked right into that one didn't I?

So I bought some pink at my local GW store. And set out to paint Sorcha. At first I thought I would simply ignore her wishes, but then I reminded myself that this was for HER, not for me (or for the eventual resale). So I gave in and painted her a red and pink Sorcha. And much to my dismay, I find that I like the dark cherry red with the pink. She loves it before its the colors of Hello Kitty, but really the two soft and hard red tones match very well.

For the manowar, I did not put the same contrast, instead opting for metal (silverish and brass) with pink and white accents. These make for rather "unmanowar". Still she loves them and the color scheme. When I get to painting with them, I'll recommend some red and pink for the 'jacks.


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