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Saturday, January 11, 2014

[Rant] NeonCon I am so pissed off at you!

I happened upon this this week...

NeonCon is coming back in 2014!

After some three years' absence, it is coming back. This con, which some saw as the "Gencon of the West" (after the death of GenCon West Coast), was always run as one of the big cons. Knowing the leadership, that's what they went for. There needs to be such event in the southwestern USA.

Learning of the 2012 cancellation really, really saddened me, I would've wanted - at the time - to make NeonCon be one of the major stops for NeoExodus. We had prereleased the NeoExodus book there in 2011, and premiered "Ruins of Trovaska" there that year.

In 2012, I was planning on having the official "launch party" for Legacies there a year later, rather than the soft launch we had. It was a major blow when I heard of the cancellation. Not only would I not go to Vegas, but my plans for big, public release were trumped.

So for two years, I stayed in touch with my buddies. Hoping against hope.

Then last week, I decided I would attend Arcanicon in Detroit. After debating, I decided to book myself a flight and head out there. I know. Detroit is NOT an overly exciting destination, but I really want to do more Arcanis. I don't see any reason to travel for PFS (since play has no impact on plot), but Arcanis... I can have impact and influence during major battles and interactive (like our players do in Legacies).

Passes a few days.

Then I saw the return of NeonCon, March 21-23rd of 2014... Now I have my plane ticket for Detroit...

So there you have it, NeonCon is back, I can't go.

I'm pissed at NeonCon.

Because as you all know, the world revolves only around me.


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  1. Well, Neoncon is now officially over.
    I think its time for a new rant!