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Sunday, January 12, 2014

NeoExodus character sheet by Dyslexic Studeos

I was playing an online game today when Evan, my GM for the Reign of Winter game (my Thursday nights for the past six months or so). Sends me an instant message.

It went roughly like this: "Hey JP! They have NeoExodus classes listed." That's right. No further context, only a link. I was a bit wary. Knowing Evan, I saw that it was a tool that generates character sheets!


He asked me if I would use them. No, my character sheets are all in stat block form these days... so I only have 1 format, and GMs can easily go over them... Still I thought these sheet were really nice: you can add the logo (whether NeoExodus or any of the Pathfinder Adventure Path).

I cannot recommend these enough. Nice stuff. Oh! And they are free! FREE!!!

The link is

A big thank you to Dyslexic Studeos for adding NeoExodus into their product!


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  1. Nice, but once again no Machinesmith love! I'm saddened :P