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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NeoExodus Legacies: Prologue to Flames of Yesterday

Here is the prologue to the interactive adventure that will run at a few conventions around the country in February and March, including Genghis Con in Denver, CO (Feb 14-17) and CinciCon in Cincinnati, OH (Mar 21-23). If you wish to run it locally or at a local con, contact

93-LI-02 Flames of Yesterday

It was beautiful day in Curitzel until a shout emptied the small village. A single shape stumbled between the timber huts. Somehow, you seem to be the only ones who did not run away in terror. Perhaps you should have. The shout was of two simple words. FIRST ONE!

An adventure written for APLs 3, 5, 7, and 9 (character levels 3-10).

Prologue to Flames of Yesterday

The dancing glow of the candle lit Arem’shehr’s pale flesh as she waited inside the cabin for her contact. Her one eye scanned the darkness beyond the broken window, waiting for a kalisan she did not expect to see. To be certain that he was the one she expected, her minions patrolled the grounds of the lonely house.

Goosebumps brought on more by anticipation than the chill evening air made her shudder delightfully. Already the meat-bags at her command brought her a number of new slaves; simple folk all of them: hunters, mercenaries, farmers, all without any future now that she had them. Chained and gagged, they had been neatly stacked under the floorboards for later enjoyment. She smiled in anticipation of coming recreation. How delightfully they would scream and convulse in pain as she enjoyed them. Arem’shehr paced the floor, walking slowly, each step with purpose. Her heels clicked on the wood. She knew her captives would hear and cringe at every one of her steps

Midnight had come and gone and dawn would be here shortly. Her steps landed louder. This was no longer fun, she thought to herself. Where is this pea-brained human-eater, she wondered, I have to be out of here soon. She fumed and paced back and forth, constantly looking outside.

As she leaned forward to look outside once more, she felt a cold blade at the back of her neck. "You are late," she said. A quiet chuckle was her only answer. "Do you have the crown?"

Again, a chuckle.

"Here is what you want. If you look in the satchel on the table, you will find the names of every one of Queen Thais’ generals and their location..." The blade shifted in her back as her assailant looked inside the satchel and pulled out the scroll.

A moment later, she heard clanking at the back of the cabin followed by the ringing of something rolling on the ground. Turning around, she barely saw the milky white skinned man jump through the thatched roof with imperceptible sound.

Then, her eyes landed on the bronze crown resting on its side by the wall. Arem’shehr held her breath as she reached for it. The ancient antelope design and the flower patterns were exactly as she read in the scroll. She smiled triumphantly as she held the crown aloft, resisting the desire to place it upon her own head. She did not need such trinkets; she is, after all, a divine being.

All this in return for a list she was planning to give to the Protectorate generals. This is a great day, and after this, a thousand sacrifices will cover the walls of the Father’s palace. Because of her, the slaves will return to their rightful place, and a glorious orgy of destruction and pain will descend upon Exodus.

Removing the planks of the floor, she saw the cowering, bound rewards she kept to herself as she pulled a young man to her. Kissing him softly, she whispered. "This is going to be a good day," and the screaming began.


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