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Sunday, November 25, 2012

When you least expected them: Inquisitions

One thing about running an organized play like NeoExodus Legacies is that you get into contact with aspects of the game you don't do much of. For example, I have yet to play an inquisitor. Simply because I keep coming up with concepts for other classes...

By my buddy Mike Wilson is thoroughly enamored with the class. One could say he's a living inquisitor...

As Mike was building his NeoExodus Legacies character, he emailed me asking me about which inquisitions related to which NeoExodus deity/Venerates. So while waiting for my turn during a near all-night adventure, I looked through the list of inquisitions in Ultimate Magic and came up with the following list.

So I'm talking the opportunity to put this up here and effectively give all of you a(nother) sample of the upcoming NeoExodus Player's Guide.

Cult of the DragonAnger, Persistence, Valor, Vengeance, Zeal
Cult of the EmissaryFervor, Heresy, Truth, Zeal
KhayneAnger, Damnation, Torture, Vengeance
Khayne (Brotherhood)Anger, Damnation, Imprisonment, Torture, Vengeance
Khayne (Unthara)Anger, Damnation, Possession, Torture, Vengeance
KagaBanishment, Fate, Illumination, Spellkiller
LawgiverConversion, Fervor, Heresy, Imprisonment, Order, Zeal
ShamanismFate, Possession
Var ShaalBanishment, Damnation, Torture
XonismOblivion, True Death
Sanguine Covenant 
Any VenerateFervor, Zeal
DhazvokAnger, Persistence, Tactics
KoliavJustice, Oblivion, True Death, Vengeance
LaitaConversion, Illumination, Justice, Order
MakashTruth, Valor
SvarogIllumination, Imprisonment, Spellkiller
Arman ProtectorateBlack Powder

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