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Friday, November 30, 2012

JP is 5-star GM!

It's been a few months already since I reached the 150 run tables of Pathfinder Society (which I posted here). Tonight, after spending a nice evening with the kids watching a Christmas movie, I came down to the computer with the idea of playing DC Universe Online (and blowing off some steam after a long and rough week).

But instead my inbox had 138 new emails. I looked doubtfully at the browser as the emails loaded, wondering what was going on.

But OH JOY! I received an email from Mike Brock, one from Jacque Woods (Colorado VC) and from like a lot of people - in Colorado and abroad - congratulating me.

I didn't get there by myself. I got to play with a LOT of players - and GMs - to whom I am greatly thankful. I ran PFS games in: Online, California, Colorado, Idaho, Québec, and Washington with players from France to Australia. Really, Pathfinder Society has grown from a small local campaign to a true worldwide campaign.

A big thanks goes to Jacque for putting my name on this short list of super-elite GMs. Really lifts my spirits!

Mike and I have differences in views and opinions, but I know he and I both share the same end goal in mind: provide a great game experience to players and put forth a unique and fun campaign. From the first time he and I met at PF Changs (where I was about to leave when he arrived - long story, fun times).

I told local organizers I was boycotting GMing PFS as a form of protest. I still played, but did not GM. I wasn't making a big stink of it either. I focused on running NeoExodus and had a blast of it.

Now do go off thinking I'll only do PFS - no sir - I will keep focusing on NeoExodus, but local organizers are free to call on me to help them run events from time to time and have me say "sure I'll do it".

Again a big thanks to all who were involved in my getting to that level. I'm really happy. But the most important is that I will be seeing you around the gaming table. On either side of the screen, for NeoExodus Legacies or Pathfinder Society.

Now that this is done, let's move on to playing.

...and I can go to beating up players.


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