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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanksgaming Painted Minis

If you did not know, I volunteered to run NeoExodus at the Thanksgaming charity game event at Total Escape Games in North Denver. If you plan to attend, I recommend that you register for it now.

To help raise additional funds, I offered Justin (the organizer) to give him a number of miniatures to raffle. Looking at my collection, and at the other events at the game day and decided to paint up four miniatures for a Pulp/1920s era. I chose two men and two women. I wanted two to be rather combat-oriented - I called "Bonnie and Clyde" - and two to be "civilians". The civilians whom I referred to as "Mr and Agatha Christie". I like how they came out very much. Bonnie & Clyde are very action/combat minis and the other two are passive and observant.

The final three are fantasy models. The first is a Germanic warlord, next is a samurai/ ninja and finally, a NeoExodus Cynean. The German is a rather simple mini (paint-wise) so I spent extra time on his fur cloak and hair/beard.

I had originally planned on adding a female to the fantasy models - and I still might - but I've yet to find one I find acceptable as a giveaway. I know time is running out... And I still have writing to do!

Miniatures are a mixture of Cobblestone, Foundry and Crocodile Games.

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