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Friday, November 2, 2012

NeoExodus Legacies Campaign Book Released!

I've been talking about it since mid-August, well it's finally here! The NeoExodus Legacies Campaign Book (NLCB) is out for public consumption! I cannot say enough good things of the work D'Anne, Linda and Louis did to get this done. It was a massive, endeavor.

A bit thanks goes out to the many people who provided us with thoughts, feedback and input that went into this document. These guys provided us with words of encouragement, warning, approval, opposition and support. It was not an easy task sifting through the feedback to take the best of all proposals. It's pretty clear that people who enjoy organized play are a diverse crowd. From those who enjoy the combat/crunch aspect to those who like the fluff/non-combat aspect. That's one of the great elements of organized play: the two styles come together.

Also, a BIG thank you to Paizo for putting a great campaign together. Their product is great and we all enjoy it regularly. NeoExodus Legacies is very much a "thank you Paizo" campaign. We want people to play Pathfinder and expand how they play. The end result: we all get to play more.

There are two ways you can get the file (both are free). You may get the Full Version, which is ideal for printing. But there is also a Lite version which is ideal for tablets & smart phones, get for free if you pay-with-a-tweet (tweet it and you get it for free). LPJ has additional information on his blog which I will not repeat, but I strongly recommend you check out (if you're still not decided about it).


PS: There is great news also:

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